Terms and Conditions of Stream Console

Sign Up By signing up you accept to our terms and conditions of the product in subject.

Usage This product is owned and provided by Creators Lane. Users may use the product to the extent allowed by the package selected. Creators Lane reserves the right to stop providing you the service with or without a prior notification at all times.

Payment A user may pay to upgrade their subscription at any time. The subscription will be automatically cancelled when the user fails to pay the subscription charges on time. A 10 days grace period may be given to an user before the subscription is automatically cancelled.

Re-Fund Once paid the subscription will stand throughout the subscribed period. No refund will be done on cancellation of subscription.

Subscription The services may be bought on a term basis by paying the subscription fee for the term in advance. The duration of a term may vary based on package Contents Contents streamed through our servers may be monitored by a moderator from Creators Lane. Streaming of obscene contents or Pornography will result in a immediate termination of the account and/or a denial of service without a refund.

Content Monitoring A moderator from Creators Lane may be assigned to a stream to monitor the contents. A Moderator reserves the right to report a stream if he/she feels that the stream violates or attacks any or all of the following

  1. Content Policy
  2. Human Rights
  3. Social Groups or Gender
  4. Races